Dealing With The Weeds

Good morning! It’s the start of another great week!weeds

It’s spring and one of the signs of spring is the seemingly ever-present dandelion along with all sorts of other weeds in your lawn. Have you noticed how quickly they grow and crowd out the good grass? They even look sort of pretty with their yellow flower – at first. Have you noticed how they continue to grow and flourish even during dry times when your grass turns brown?

Driving down our street Saturday, we noticed some lawns full of dandelions, some lawns with a fair amount, some with just a few, and some with almost no dandelions. What was the difference? The difference is that some people were diligent about weeding their lawns and they were diligent about using a “weed and feed” type application which prevents the weeds coming up and nourishes the good grass. They tend to their lawn on a regular basis.

You see the metaphor right? We all have weeds in our lives that are bad habits, bad attitudes, and just plain wrong thinking. These “weeds” crowd out our good habits, they sour relationships, and they make us less effective at our work. So, just like a good gardener, we need to start systematically pulling those weeds out of our lives while at the same time, putting some “weed and feed” into our lives.

Start identifying the habits and attitudes that are holding you back and start eliminating them – one by one. Start feeding yourself on Scripture and good books. Start spending time with people who don’t have many “weeds” and find out how they keep the weeds out of their lives. Keeping your life “weed free” is an intentional, day-by-day process and a worthwhile process.

Get rid of the dandelions and start living a more fruitful life.

Have a great week!