Remember The Fallen

2008 Memorial Day Poster #3.

“In order for a nation to achieve victory in combat, it requires something like a total surrender of its Soldiers. Every part of a combatant’s life, except that which belongs to God, must be consciously yielded over to the discretion of the state. Perhaps no one put it better than one soldier who fought in the trenches of the First World War:

‘All that we fear from all kinds of adversity, severally, is collected together in the life of a soldier on active service. Like sickness, it threatens pain and death. Like poverty, it threatens ill lodging, cold, heat, thirst and hunger. Like slavery, it threatens toil, humiliation, injustice, and arbitrary rule. Like exile, it separates you from all you love. Like the gullies, it imprisons you at close quarters with uncongenial companions.‘ (C. S. Lewis: “Why I am not a Pacifist” 1949)

After enduring some of life’s most disagreeable circumstances, our fallen service members never emerge in this life to enjoy the fruit of their service. They are surrounded by peril and misery for long periods until the end. In the midst of these overwhelming conditions Soldiers discipline themselves to access a component of human nature: a phenomenon we call Courage.. .

For these reasons I think Memorial Day deserves a notable place on our calendar and in our thoughts. No one deserves our honor more than those service members who surrendered their life for their country.”

 – Colonel Jeff Hall US Army

Please stop and remember those that have given the last full measure for our country and the families they left behind.

Grateful for those who gave it all,

2 thoughts on “Remember The Fallen

  1. Like your post. Big fan of C.S. Lewis. I forgot he was in WWI, which makes it all the more interesting that he can go on and author works such as The Chronicles of Narnia. On a side not my grandfather a WWII combat vet, who has gone home to be with the Lord, was such a great inspiration to me. He faced death on many foreign shores as his company fought its way north toward Japan. He saw so many young men die, never having the chance to experience the happiness of life, and he lived with that in mind. His life was lived to God’s glory and in honor of those who fell next to him who never had the chances he was given. He was never scared to try, he was only scared to sit still. He was the only man I’ve known that truly lived! Good post.


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