4 mindsets you must choose

Good morning! Ready for another week? I hope I am.Beautiful shy June 2013

For those of us that lead, maintaining the right mindsets or attitudes is critical to our effectiveness. Yet so many of us struggle to maintain them or at times are unaware of the proper mindsets or attitudes that are necessary to lead effectively. Here are four mindsets that are key to your effectiveness as a leader:

1. Trust – you must choose to be trustworthy and to trust others. Trust is a volitional choice. not an emotion or feeling. You choose to trust those that you work with and as it is foundational to teamwork, you won’t have an effective team until you do decide to trust.  Of course you will be disappointed at times and you will disappoint others – we are human and prone to make mistakes. However, you still choose to trust. I know that this is a tough one for those that have been scarred by things in their childhood, but you still have to choose to trust.

2.  Dependency – you must realize that to do anything of any worth that you and I are dependent on God and others. In truth we accomplish little, if anything, on our own that is of any value. We have to realize that we are dependent on God first and then others. if not, we will lead a lonely and ineffective life.

3. Humility – We must have a mindset of humility. We need to learn to put God and others before ourselves. We must choose to esteem others more than ourselves.  Read Philippians 2: 3-8.

4. Gratitude – Do you have a grateful spirit? Are you truly grateful for what God has done and is doing in your life? Are you grateful for what others have done for you? Are you grateful for what you have or do you grumble and wish for more? Show your gratitude today – write a thank you note to someone, pick up the phone and call someone from your past who had a major impact on you and thank them, and finally go to God in prayer and thank Him for life and His endless love for you.

Have a blessed day today!