achieving a different result requires ___________

LAM PatioGood morning! It was a spectacular day here in northeastern Indiana yesterday. Beautiful weather. Angela and I had a nice walk around our neighborhood last night.

One of the things I sometimes struggle with is desiring different results – I want to do some things differently, live differently, think differently and so on. So, I work hard as some of these things, but I don’t get different results. I just get more of the same, plus a lot of frustration. One of the reasons is that while I am working hard, I am just working harder doing the same old thing I have always done and achieving the same old results.

If I, and you, really want to achieve different results in our lives, then that requires doing something different! Simple logic right? Yes – but for some reason most of us don’t get it. What we have to learn is that when we hit the limits of our current abilities, systems, and etc. then maybe we need to look for new models and systems of doing things. We need to learn, adapt, and grow – continually. If you keep doing the same things the same way, you will stay stuck and seldom see any different results.

If you really want to see different results in your life then that requires doing things differently. Get out of your comfort zone, quit doing things the same old way, learn new ways to do things and start to see different results in your life.

Have a great weekend!