when life happens – are you accountable or unaccountable?

field - KeelyGood Monday morning to you! Another beautiful weekend, plus we had some visitors from down South who had visited at Life Action Ministries this past week, so it was a very nice time.

I mentioned a book last week that I have been reading – The One Thing. One of the arresting statements in there on page 184 is “When life happens, you can either be the author of your life or the victim of it. Those are your only two choices – accountable or unaccountable. . . Every day we choose one approach or the other, and the consequences follow us forever.

While I may not entirely agree with that expression from a theological viewpoint, I do believe that how we react to the circumstances of our life is hugely important. We can choose to live with the hope we have in Jesus and face our circumstances proactively with cause for great hope and an excitement about the future, or we can become fatalistic and give in to our own weaknesses and miss the joy of growing through our challenging circumstances.

On page 185 of the book, there is a great graph showing the differences between someone with a VICTIM’s mindset and someone with an ACCOUNTABLE mindset.

First the VICTIM‘s approach:


1. Avoids Reality // “Asks no questions.”

2. Fights Reality // “That’s not how I see it.”

3. Blames // “If everyone would just do their job!”

4. Personal Excuses // “It’s not my job.”

5. Waits & Hopes // “If it was meant to be, it’ll happen.”

Now the ACCOUNTABLE person’s approach:


1. Seeks Reality // “What’s happening?”

2. Acknowledges Reality // “This is the way it is.”

3. Owns It // “If it’s to be, it’s up to me.”

4. Finds Solutions // “What can I do?”

5. Gets On With It // “O. K., let’s do it!”

What is your approach? If it was meant to be, it’ll happen.” or “O. K., let’s do it!“?

I choose – let’s do it!

Have a great week, 
Peace & grace to you,