4 thieves of your productivity

the1thingGood morning – another nice day here in the Midwest!

Many of us have to contend with thieves. Thieves that rob us of time and diminish our effectiveness. In this case there are no police to call – it is up to us to do something about them.

Gary Keller in his book The One Thing, identifies the four thieves as:

1. Inability to say “No” – he repeats the old saying that “every ‘yes” must be defended by 1,000 ‘no’s’.” When yo say yes to the wrong things, you are not just distracted, you are hijacked. Learn to say no to the good things and yes to the best things.

2. Fear of chaos – focusing on one thing can actually be a bit messy. While you are focusing on your one thing, the world is still moving right along. When you focus on one thing, other things don’t get done. So, when you focus, it will get messy. That’s ok.

3.Poor health habits – when you don’t take care of yourself, when you mismanage your energy, you become less effective.To be productive and to be able to truly focus with your greatest creativity, you need to be managing your personal energy well. Get plenty of sleep, eat right, exercise and etc. Take care of yourself.

4 Environment doesn’t support your goals – Are the people around you supportive of your goals? How do they impact your attitude and your health? How about the people you hang out with? Are they good for you or bad for you? Do you need to change? What about your physical environment? Is it conducive to good work or is it a distraction? What distractions do you need to eliminate in your physical environment?

How do you plan on protecting yourself from these four thieves?

Blessings on your day!