where is your focus?

Good morning!

Angela (my wife) and I were talking this weekend about contentment and we realized that it is much about your focus. It seems you have two basic choices – to focus on what you don’t have or to focus on what you do have. The problem is that it is actually hard to do because of our nature and doubly so in our marketing driven culture. (by the way – my undergrad degree was in marketing). Marketing is all about creating discontent within us and then promising that their product is the answer to that discontent. Of course we all know better don’t we? Don’t we? It seems so logically, but not really emotionally.

A running joke I have with my youngest daughter Keely (who is single) is that the reason she doesn’t have a boyfriend is obviously she doesn’t use the right toothpaste, because according to the commercials, if she just used XYZ toothpaste, she would be fighting off the men. It is funny, but so often, deep down, we actually tend to believe that nonsense and we become discontent with our life. This leads to so many issues: entitlement, depression, anger, frustration and so on.

Instead, why not live life with a spirit of gratitude? Why not realize all that we have been given by a loving God and choose to live lives with a spirit of gratitude? It is amazing how that change in perspective will change your life. Try it.

Lauren - Charity WayerNow, on a related topic – my oldest daughter Lauren supports a charity called Charity Water. Did you realize that there are approximately one billion people in his world that don’t even have clean water? Talk about putting our so called “problems” into perspective! Well, Lauren has decided to become a part of the solution and is supporting Charity Water. One way she is doing this is asking that for her 27th birthday, people not give her gifts but to give $27 to Charity Water on her birthday page. Would you think about joining her? If so, click here to learn more.

Do something small for you that will radically change the life of someone else.