art from a barista

Ken SandeRelational Wisdom is important and Ken Sande has a great website called surprisingly – Relational Wisdom. If you desire to improve your emotional intelligence and to become more effective in working with others, you need to check out this site.

I particularly liked his blog post “Serving a Barista“. In that post he talks bout how to bless others using SERVE:

“SERVE every person you meet”

  • Smile (At home, in the office, at the store; even on the phone, a smile changes the sound of your voice and sends a message of warmth and friendliness)
  • Explore and Empathize (Observe others, ask questions, and show interest and compassion)
  • Reconcile (Be a peacemaker, always ready to reconcile others to you, one another, and to God through the gospel of Christ)
  • Value (Express appreciation and admiration for what others do)
  • Encourage (Give courage and inspire, always leaving others with more “wind under their wings”)

So, I encourage you to check out his site if you want to become more effective in your relationships.