“prayer for a meeting” – by Stephen Scaer

Good Saturday afternoon to you! I found the following poem today as I was reading through the October issue of First Things.

“Come, Holy Spirit, fill me with affection

for sycophantic colleagues who pretend a

boss’s remark is witty; the projection

of Power Points that stray from the agenda

with pie charts, false and darkly personal,

that narrows my dominion to a sliver,

and bullets saying things are worse in all

of my performance measurements. Deliver

your lamb to valleys where he will safely graze,

or help me love your children at this table,

to hold my tongue, unless to sing your praise

in every situation, so I’m able

to be content in everything, like Paul,

who loved those whom he didn’t like at all.”

 – Stephen Scaer

2 thoughts on ““prayer for a meeting” – by Stephen Scaer

  1. We all get caught in the trap of thinking we have to measure up. both leaders of meetings and those attending. why? lots of reasons but the fact is none of us do measure up. when everybody is relaxed and has the freedom to be themselves much more can be accomplished.


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