3 C’s of hiring

Orange Brown leaf at Brown Gables 2013“We hire people for what they know and then fire them for who they are.” *

Peter Drucker said in one of his many books that of ALL the decisions that an executive makes, the people decisions are the most important. Jim Collins in his book Good to Great emphasizes the importance of exercising discipline in the hiring process because it is so very important who you bring onto your team. Time and again, we are reminded of the importance to our organizations of how we select people and who we select.

There are three C’s I recommend you consider and they are listed in order of importance:

Character: You must absolutely hire for character. You can teach people skills, you can send them to school and so on, however, there is not much you can do about their character. If you choose skills over character, you will always lose and your organization will suffer.

Chemistry: A very important element is how well will the person fit with your team. I have seen several times people of high character and great skills not make it in an organization because of the chemistry. They just did not fit. This often is not a bad or good thing, it’s just that we are all different and different organizational cultures fit us better.

Competency: This is the obvious one – do they have the skills you need or do they have the potential of learning and growing into what your organization needs? Again, often here you are looking for potential.

And for ministry there is a fourth C – Calling. Ministry, as those of you in ministry know, can be very, very difficult. If you are not called it can become very hard – on the person and on the ministry. I have seen times when great people want to join a ministry because the Lord used that ministry to do a deep work in their lives. If they are actually called by the Lord to that ministry, then that is great. However, if they are not called, then it can become hard and discouraging.

So think about these “C’s” as you are considering your hiring process. Are you considering the right things in the right order as you add people to your team?

Have a great rest of the week!

* – this is a great quote and it is not mine but I have forgotten the source.