who are you? do you remember?

Blue Sky - Brown Gables OCT 2013That’s an important question. Who are you?

How do you define yourself? Most of us define ourselves by what we do rather than who we are. One reason is that we often find our identity or sense of value in our work. But what happens to you when you lose that job, position, business, or whatever? Do you lose your identity?

Years ago, I realized that was what I was I was doing. In introducing myself to others I would lead with something like I am a manager at MagneTek, or I am a VP at NiTek, or I am a member of the senior leadership team at Life Action. I was identifying myself either by my work, or even worse, by my position at my work / ministry.

Once I realized what I was doing, I began introducing myself in another way when people asked me about myself. I am a follower of Christ, I am the husband to Angela, I am the father to Lauren and Keely, I am the son of Bill and Carolyn, and I am a citizen of the United States. I began identifying myself by the priorities of my life with my identity in Christ being first and foremost.

A funny thing happened though just to show how easily it is to get “off the path”. I spend ten years at Life Action – a ministry and community that I poured my life into for those ten years. I was a deputized missionary, meaning that I raised all the funds for my salary. After ten years of being over 800 miles from my support base, we no longer were bringing in enough funds to support our family and had to make a change. Fortunately, we were blessed to land at Ambassador Enterprises – a great company led by Christ centered leaders. However, this first year has been exceptionally hard and I finally figured out why. I had allowed my identity to become wrapped up in Life Action and my role at the ministry. I had again began identifying myself by what I did rather than who I am.

Now I am remembering – I am remembering WHO I am, not just what I did and it is incredibly freeing.

Remember who you are. What you do is an outflow of who you are – what you do is not your identity.

Remember – remember who you are and live accordingly.

Peace and grace to you this week in the name of our Lord,