a way to measure your team’s strength

Good morning!

This is a good article from the Inc. site entitled The 20-Minute Test That Measures Your Team’s Strength . What I like is the simplicity of the “test”.

Bring in a trusted outsider and have him or her ask an important, but not so obvious, question and then see how they respond. It will usually be one of four ways:

1. They will turn to the group leader and wait for the answer.

2. One or two strongly opinionated individuals will give their differing opinion.

3. Everyone will chime in with their own opinion independent of each other.

4. The team members will engage with each other in a rich discussion/

Of course, what you are hoping for is something closest to the fourth dynamic. That is an indicator of a healthy team. The closer to the first dynamic you are, the more trouble you are in.

How does your team operate?

Peace and grace to you today!

One thought on “a way to measure your team’s strength

  1. Interesting 4-point test, and a cool part of that is the way it manifests itself in the small cooperative learning groups we use in elementary school. No matter the age of the group the same basic results usually occur. Kind of neat how that happens.


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