doers, leaders, lovers, and learners

Good morning! has another good article today about the four unique working styles. Which one are you?

Doers: “Doers execute. They come alive when tasks are complete, lists are checked, or projects are tackled. They typically have intense focus and are detailed in their efforts.”

Leaders: “Leaders create the vision and inspire others to believe in it.”

Lovers: “Lovers are relationship-builders. Believing that we’re stronger together, they thrive in harmony and work hard to manage relationships and build consensus.”

Learners: “Learners are the researchers. These engineer types love learning and meticulously understanding the nuances of a problem.”

So, what do you think? Are these good categories? Do they help you? How can you use this information to better shepherd those you lead? And finally, where do you fit in these four type?

Personally, I am a mix between Leader and Learner.

Have a great Thursday!