what’s stopping you?

Good Monday morning to you!

Most of us have dreams about how we want to make an impact in this life – how we may best create or do something that is going to make a difference. Yet so many of us are stuck in a rut of our own making.

We need to get out of that rut (for some of us, ruts are actually somehow comfortable). How? The first step, is to simply choose to do so. Next, decide what things in your life need changing – start with something simple, and just start changing your daily ways of living to something more healthy. Start changing the story you are telling yourself. But the main thing to do is to simply choose to live differently.

Check out this blog by Seth Godin on “The First Lie . . .”

Change your story (you are telling yourself) – change your life.

What’s stopping you?

Hope you have a blessed week!