keep it simple

Good Monday morning to you!

Do you ever get tired of “business-speak” or “ministry-speak”? The cliches, the code words, sound–bite type phrases, and acronyms? At first they sound impressive – at least we think they do, but after a bit we realize that we don’t really know what they mean. Even when we are saying them, we don’t know what they mean.

Simple BookMaybe it’s time to start getting simple in our communications and start using plain English to communicate. In the book Simple, the authors recommend speaking as if you were explaining something to Aunt Edna. How would you explain your ministry or business to your favorite aunt – especially if they have no experience in your field?

When you communicate, talk to your favorite aunt. Use plain words and a warm conversational tone.

Here are a few suggestions from the authors:

– Short sentences.

– Simple, everyday words in place of jargon or technical terms.

– The use of personal pronouns such as ‘I’ and ‘you.’

– Active rather than passive verbs.

– And – as an added touch – humor, grace, or anything to break the tedium.

Keep it simple and communicate powerfully.

Peace and grace to you,