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Would you agree with me that communication is difficult at best? We all listen with so many of our “filters” on that sometimes I am astounded that communication happens at all. Then you add to that how ineffectively so many of us are in trying to communicate. In so many employee surveys poor communication is so often at the top of the issues listed.

And most of the time it’s not poor intent. People do want to communicate with others. The problem is that communicating is a skill – a skill that we need to master.

In the Inc.com article “8 Ways to Improve Your Communication Right Now“, Kevin Daum lists these eight ways to improve our skill in communicating:

1. Have One Conversation at a Time

2. Look People in the Eye

3.  Ask Two Questions

4.  Write Things Down

5. Read and Respond to the Entire Email

6.  Create a Response Schedule

7.  Assume Best Intentions

8.  Close the Loop

It’s a good article – click here to read it in its entirety.

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2 thoughts on “8 communication tips

  1. I think #7 may be the most difficult to master. So many times thoughts go immediately to, “okay, what do they really want?” instead of just assuming people actually mean what they say. We have lost something when we begin each conversation with a distrust of the other person’s motives. Good stuff.


    1. Yep – most of us seem to be a tad more cynical these days. Interestingly enough, here where I work, attributing good intent to others is an important part of our culture – something we teach and continue to reinforce. The impact is huge, but you have to be intentional about doing so as it is often not natural.


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