how do you judge others?

Christmas ornament 2013Good morning! Icy and slick roads up here in northeastern Indiana today. I may be a tad late for work today as I have tried to drive on slick roads before and it was not an enjoyable experience.

How do you judge others? How about yourself? And what does that have to do with teamwork?

One saying that I have heard and have found to be generally true is that “We judge others by their behaviors and ourselves by our intent”.

Another thing that happens is that when we lack self-awareness and others-awareness we will often attribute the negative or frustrating behaviors of our teammates to their intentions or as a character issue while explaining away our behavior to the circumstances or our environment. This attitude or approach is toxic to teams.

We are all different – wondrously made by our Creator and in His image. Be careful to not attribute intent or character issues to things that are simply personality characteristics and they simply irritate you as you have a different personality. This is called the fundamental attribution error by the way.

Start assuming good intent with your teammates. Become a student of them, learn about their personalities and histories so that you understand how and why they react as they do. Do the same for yourself.

You will have a much stronger team if you do.

Blessings on your week!

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  1. BG that was an excellent quote! If you had some time I would like to ask your input on a business matter that I feel is unresolved. I have been “not dealing” with for years. Just email me!


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