2 ways to become better at note-taking and more productive

Good Wednesday morning to you!

Do you ever forget a point or two from a meeting and then go back to your notes to see what was said? When you do, have you ever had a hard time even locating your notes from that meeting? And if you do find them, you’re still not sure what was said?

Me too. I very much enjoy using tech and appreciate its efficiency, but I also enjoy pen on paper. For some reason, the act of writing something out improves my retention of that information. So, I do still prefer, at times, to take my notes with pen and paper as many still do.

Following are links to two articles on note-taking. The first is an excellent method or system for organizing your notebook. It seems to be a great approach and makes finding your notes much easier later.

This Note-Taking System Turns You Into An Efficiency Expert from the FastCompany website.

This second article talks about how “doodling” or drawing helps you to remember your notes better.

Want to Capture Ideas So They Stick? Draw Them.

Become a better note-taker and it will improve your productivity.