conjuring up motivation – doesn’t work

remote_frontGood Monday morning to you on this Christmas week! What a thrill it is to celebrate that wonderful and beautiful mystery of the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Sunday afternoon I finished the book Remote, Office Not Required. It’s an excellent book.Towards the end of the book I found the following quotes which go along with what I have observed over the years:

“Trying to conjure motivation by means of rewards or threats is terribly ineffective. In fact, it’s downright counterproductive.

Rather, the only reliable way to muster motivation is by encouraging people to work on the stuff they like and care about, with people they like and care about. There are no shortcuts. . .

So instead of trying to treat motivation as something that can be artificially ginned up with just the right tricks, treat it as a barometer of the quality of work and the work environment. If a worker’s motivation is slumping, it’s probably because the work is weakly defined or appears pointless, . . . ” [emphasis added]

So, the question is – are you [we] trying to “motivate” people through gimmicks or tricks or are we working to give them meaningful work? The key is to look at the work through their eyes – not yours.

Have a blessed day!