some tools to improve your productivity

I don’t know about you, but it is COLD this morning! In fact, we are under an emergency storm order that prevents us from traveling so I am working from home today. This Midwest cold is tough on a Southern boy that still has “thin” blood!!

Michael Hyatt is one of my favorite bloggers (Brown Gables JAN 2014he is the favorite of a lot of other people as well!!). Today’s post is by a guest blogger and Leo Widrich lists ten apps / programs that will improve your productivity. I use some of them and can attest to their usefulness. Some of tools he lists are:

1. Buffer ( I use this and it works well)

2. Skitch (one of my favorites!)

3. Feedly (again, one of my favorites)

And he gives seven more tools as well.

You will enjoy the post and it’s worth a read if you are trying to become more productive. So click on the link below for more:

10 Powerful Online Business Tools for a Productive 2014

Enjoy the read and stay warm!