rewire your life

Front porch JAN 2014Good morning! Don’t know about where you are, but it is still cold here in NE Indiana!! It’s a -5 with a wind chill of -16. That’s tough on a Southern boy.

Last week I wrote a blog post on rewiring your organization vs. restructuring the organization.It occurred to me that principle applies to our lives as well. If we want different lives, we need to be “rewired” instead of only a restructuring. We need new mindsets, not just different routines.

However, sometimes the right changes in some of our behaviors will start producing new mindsets. Too often we want to wait until we feel like starting a new behavior, whereas actually beginning the behavior, whether we feel like it or not, will actually produce the new mindsets.

So, here are some simple 30 minute behaviors or routines to assimilate into your daily routine that will, in my estimation, change your mindset:

1. Read the Bible for 30 minutes each day or at least one chapter daily.

2. Spend 30 minutes in prayer quietly before the Lord.

3. Exercise for 30 minutes six days of the week.

Incorporate these three things into your life for 30 days and see if you are not a different person.

One other thing – look for opportunities each day to do something simple to help someone else. Ideally, it should be someone that cannot do anything for you and, ideally, it can be done so that no one knows it was you.

Finally, be present – don’t always be anticipating the future or replaying the past. Spend time in the now – especially with those you love.

Blessings on your week!