habits of happy people

Life Action pool JAN 2014Good morning! Warmer here today as it was above zero as I was driving into work – a balmy 4 degrees.

I ran across an interesting article on the 99U site – “7 Habits of Incredibly Happy People“. I am not sure if they are the best or all of the habits (they don’t deal with faith which has proven key in study after study), however, it is worthwhile and will get you to thinking about how toy live your daily life.As in most things, it is about your mindset.

The seven habits are:

1. Be Busy, But Not Rushed

2. Have 5 Close Relationships

3. Don’t Tie Your Happiness to External Events

4. Exercise

5. Embrace Discomfort for Mastery

6. Spend More Money on Experiences

7. Don’t Ignore Your Itches

An interesting list and most make sense to me. It is also interesting that on habit number 3, humility is noted as the key and they quote C.S. Lewis on humility.

Of course, we also know that the one key relationship that needs to be healthy and that is key to our well-being is that with our Lord.

Have a blessed day!


"Humility is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less." —C.S. Lewis