“5 Secrets of Public Speaking From the Best TED Presenters”

Good evening. I came across this article on the Inc.com site addressing five things effective speakers do in their Ted Talks.

The five things are:

1. One Big Idea, “If you had to say there was one magical element to the best TED talks, it’s that those speakers picked one really, really big idea . . .”

2. It’s Not About You, “The biggest thing that people have to unlearn, Donovan says, is the notion that speaking is about your performance. It’s not. It’s about the audience.”

3. Nail Your Opener, “. . . jump straight into a story.”

4.The Catchphrase Is King, “The best talks have a repeated catchphrase . . .”

5. Channel Your Inner Screenwriter,“We’re hardwired from our earliest childhood on how to tell stories,” says Donovan, who insists that we’re all natural storytellers. Still, you can buff up your inherent storytelling skills by keeping classical, three-act story structure in mind.

It’s a good article and well worth reading in its entirety (click here) if you do presentations and want to become better.