Three Lists to Freedom

Good morning to you on a soggy Friday morning!

This is from the post Stop Trying to Be a Superhero and Find Virtual Freedom (in 3 Steps) by Chris Drucker on Michael Hyatt’s blog.

It is an excellent article about how to become more effective while not working insane hours and by working smarter and virtually. It’s well worth reading.

Following are his three lists:

  1. Step #1: List Tasks You Hate. Get a piece of paper (or a whiteboard, or an iPad, or openEvernote) and create three columns. In the first column, write down a list of all the tasks you’re handling on a day-to-day basis that you really hate.
  2. Step #2: List Tasks You Can’t Do. In the second column, create a list of all the tasks you struggle with. Don’t allow your own Superhero Syndrome to get in the way of reality here. As leaders we have the misconception we can do everything ourselves—better than anyone else! It’s not true.
  3. Step #3: List Tasks You Shouldn’t Do. In this final column, create a list of all the tasks you really shouldn’t be doing, given the fact that you are the leader of your organization. Think long and hard here. You might enjoy these tasks. You might be really good at them. But should you be doing them? Can your time be better spent on more important, high-level activities that only you can do?

In the article he explains what you need to do with the three lists and how to reduce your hours while improving your effectiveness. Not a bad combination!

Click here to read the article.

Have a great weekend!