think small and make a huge difference

One thing that I have noticed about leaders in my journey through life is that so many of them (and me) want to impact things in a large way. They want to grow their organizations larger and have greater numbers of staff, revenue growth, number of people they impact, and so on.

Many of these leaders think in terms of systems to produce this greater impact. As I mentioned in an earlier post, they think this way about growing leaders. However, it is interesting to me, that what seems to produce the greater effect is focus on the small things. It is a greater focus on fewer things and going deeper rather than wider.

It seems when we focus on the “vital few” versus the “trivial many” things really start to happen that last. This is especially true when you want to grow people.

Yes you need systems, common training, core readings, and the like for the bulk of your people and to lay the base for growth. However, the real growth occurs when you, as a leader, invest yourself into one or two people deeply and begin to help them grow. Somehow that feels counterintuitive, as we think we should be influencing as many as we possibly can and going as wide as we can, but real growth and impact comes when you focus.

Think small and make a huge difference.



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