what is really important to you?

Angela - Flowers 2014For those of you that follow this blog, you know that we often talk about priorities – what is really important.

Now is a time for us all to stop and to reflect on what is really important. Tomorrow is Good Friday and then Sunday is Easter or Resurrection Day. For those who profess and follow Jesus, it is the most significant of times.

This is a time to stop and reflect on what is really important and to examine your life in light of this outrageous act of love done for us by our Lord. A great price was paid for you and me. A gift beyond comprehension has been given to you and me.

So, how should we respond? Are you living as someone who is deeply loved by the King of kings? Are you living as someone who is so valuable that the Lamb of God paid such a price for you? Are you showing the love He showed to us to others? Even when they are not lovable?

What we commemorate over these next few days changed the course of history. Has it changed your life?

He is risen! He is risen indeed!