want more impact? “aim small”

I hope you had a blessed Easter celebrating the resurrection of our Lord.

One of my favorite movies was “The Patriot” for multiple reasons. In one particular scene where his young boys had to fight the British, the father tells them to “aim small”. If you are familiar with shooting and marksmanship, you know what is meant here – you are focusing on a very small and precise point on the target. Even if you miss by a little, you still will most likely hit near the center of the target. Most of all it is about focus.

More and more, I am beginning to understand that how you change systems, how you impact culture, how you grow people, and how you develop leaders is by “aiming small”. You want to make a change? Aim small, focus, change things one person at a time. You want to grow leaders in your organization, church, or community? “Aim small” and invest your life in just a few people and go deep.

One or two or a handful of people who have been radically changed will change a family, change a neighborhood, change a church, change a ministry, change a company, change a community, and on and on. It starts with you taking the time to invest deeply into one or two other people. Intentionally and faithfully.

One challenge that we have in “aiming small” is us – our pride. Somehow we have this notion that we have to do huge things, we have to do many things, we have to know about many things – for that is what our popular culture glorifies. But time after time, I have seen large organizations with complex systems eat up resources with little to no real change. And then I see people who are quiet and behind the scenes faithfully investing in a few people and changing their lives. Those people then go out and invest into a few people and change their lives and thus real change starts occurring.

Don’t get overwhelmed by the challenge. Don’t think you have your change the world on your own – that’s not your job. Focus on what you can change. Be intentional and focus on investing into one or two lives and see what happens. You will be surprised.

Most of all – do not give up. As followers of Jesus, we have just celebrated the greatest event in history and it should fill you with great hope. We of all people should be filled with hope and we know the change that is possible. Jesus invested deeply into the lives of a handful of men who then went out and started changing the world.

“Aim small” and make a real difference.