today – you get to choose

We often think that we are powerless, that we are subject to the vagaries of our situation, that we are simply being swept along by the current of our lives like so much flotsam.

It is your choice.001That is bad thinking – that is wrong thinking. We have choices, in fact we have many, many choices.

– We can choose our attitude – no matter the circumstance

– We can choose how we react to situations

– We can choose joy

– We can choose to fight for what is right

– We can choose to confront injustice

– We can choose to show mercy

– We can choose to be grateful

– We can choose to see what is good and beautiful in other people

– We can choose to treat others with kindness and consideration

– We can choose to lead well

– We can choose to do the right thing – even when it is hard

– We can choose to change

– We can choose to forgive and love – even when we don’t want to

– We can choose the path of humility even though the world tells you to be proud

– We can choose to serve the poor, the broken-hearted, the devastated, the lost

– We can choose to hold up the arms of the weary

You, and I, can choose either to continue to float down the river of our lives like so much deadwood, or we can choose to make a real difference in the lives of others. We can choose to change.

You can choose – what do you choose this day?