the pursuit of personal peace


Today is a guest post from someone very special to me – Lauren Allen, the oldest of our two daughters. “Listen” to what she has to say about something many of us are pursuing – Peace.

Peace…the very word elicits a sense of calm and reminds us to take a deep breath. Peace as defined in Merriam-Webster is a state of tranquility or quiet.

As I write this I am sitting outside on a glorious day, 66 degrees with a slight wind, and to top it all of it’s the beginning of a 3-day weekend. All of these smack of peace.

My question for you is: how do you pursue peace in your own life? In the middle of a busy week with looming deadlines and family obligations, are you at peace? Even better-after a long week if you were to stop and sit, would you be at peace? If peace is a state of tranquility and state means a way of living, are you living at peace? Right now I am not speaking to whether or not you are at peace with people but are you at peace with yourself?

I follow a lot of blogs and at the beginning of the year many of them were picking a word for 2014. Now, I usually run the opposite way when there is a band wagon but this one resonated with me. After wracking my brain for a while I found my word….peace! The last two years of my life have been wrought with anxiety and I have worked so hard to fight the anxiety in my life; I fought it so hard that I had allowed it to control my life.

How do I practice peace? I seek peace personally by assuming all blame and deflecting all blame. Let me explain that paradox.

On most days, I have an excuse for everything, as such I can explain every bad decision or rude comment I make. This, at the base of it, allows me to not be at fault. Yet in the process I can weary people and even cause them to not trust me. In my desire for peace and my belief that people are so vastly important, I have taught myself (note: still teaching) to not come up with an excuse; I need to own my mistakes, even ones with valid explanations.

I also deflect all blame, this may be more for my sanity than actually being nice to people. If someone cuts me off in traffic I automatically think they didn’t see me or their first child is being born and need to get to the hospital. If someone is rude to me at work I try to remember their home life, maybe their kids are a rough week or maybe it’s the anniversary of their spouse’s/kid’s death. In these actions I am made aware that life is so much more encompassing than me alone. This eliminates a great deal of hurt feelings/anger/etc. that threaten the balance of peace in my life that I strive for.

Another thing I do is go on walks outside, especially when I am at work. My office is located on a beautiful property in Southwestern Michigan with many walking trails, which is perfect for exploring. For me personally, being outside calms me down immensely. The beauty of creation reminds me of the Lord’s care for me as well as reminding me that no matter what is going on in my life and the world-the grass will continue to grow, the birds and frogs will live…and life will go on.

I suggest that you do one thing today, at least, that brings you peace. Whether that is a good cup of coffee, a walk outside, a nap, a good book-whatever it may be.

The practice of peace, begets peace.

Lauren Allen  

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