courage and grace

Angela's Roses JUN 2014Today, it hard to think of anything to write other than what is most on my mind – the challenge facing a couple that are very special to us.

We have a dear friend who has also is one of the key mentors in my life. He is an avid outdoorsman who loves God and people. He is a friend to many, a mentor to several, and has helped countless people. For most of his life he has been the picture of health – the rugged, but quiet man of strength.

Yesterday they have found cancer in many different parts of his body after his apparent defeat of an occurrence of cancer last year. Now he, and his wife, are showing their real strength. A strength born out of their faith in God and in their facing adversity together in the past. They are showing grace and courage in a most difficult situation.

If you would, please lift them up in prayer as well as their children.

Thank you,