be present

waterfall at LAMGood Friday morning to you!

One of the challenges that I have is that I am often thinking about the future or evaluating the past. Too seldom am I present in the moment. As a result, I have missed too many important moments, I have too often not fully engaged in good conversations with people who are dear to me. I have passed by the small and beautiful things of God’s creation without noticing them.

Realizing this about myself, my two words for 2014 are “Be Present”. I am finding that to be difficult as I am dealing with my personality type as well as many years of habit. However, when I find myself actually being present with others and in the moment, I am seeing a richness of life that I have often missed. I see a decline in anxiety.

Most of all, those that matter most to me feel more loved and cared for, which is hugely important.

Do you struggle with “being present”? Think about it – all we have is this very moment. The past is past and we don’t know what the future holds, but we do have now, we do have those precious moments with our family and friends. Let’s don’t waste those moments with people by not being present with them.

A thought for you – practice being present with people today and see what you think. You might just enjoy it and maybe even relax a bit more today.

Have a great weekend!