mission/priorities vs. busyness

Good morning!

Last week we talked about how busyness is often a form of laziness. What I didn’t mention is that as leaders we are often subtly (sometimes not so subtly) encouraging busyness at the expense of mission accomplishment or allowing people to work on projects that are longer term and actually have greater mission impact.

We, as leaders, also suffer from that notion that someone who is “busy” and is engaged in a flurry of activities is the productive one and not the one who is quietly in the background working away on something that will really move the organization  forward towards mission accomplishment.

How many times have you looked at the calendars of your team and were more impressed with the person whose calendar was filled up with meeting and such and wondered what the person with the empty calendar was doing? How many times have you praised your “busy” workers in public who get a lot of tasks done, but fail to acknowledge the ones who are working behind the scenes on the long-term impact projects?

What do you really want – a lot of tasks done or people focused on the “main thing” and working towards impact and mission accomplishment?

Yes, we need to be busy, but busy doing the right things and realizing that sometimes the right kind of busy does not look “busy”.

Focus on mission, impact, and priorities – not a to-do list full of tasks that detract you from the main thing.

Have a great week!!