how are you measuring your success?

How do you know you if you are successful? How do you measure success in life?

One place to start is with your definition. What is your definition of success? Where did that definition originate? A magazine, a book, friends, our society or . . . .? Did you write your definition of success or did someone else? Or is it simply a reflection of what we see in our society?

Maybe it’s time to change your definition of success. Maybe you need to write your own definition. One based on truth – based on God’s Word. A definition you develop that reflects who you are and who you were created to be and not what society tells you.

Sometimes, I feel like I have “missed the boat” in some ways or in some “measure” of success. Then God does something wonderful that reorients me. He did that this past Father’s Day. Both of my daughters created something for me from their hearts. As I saw and read what they had done and looked around at them with my wife, God showed me success and what it looks like – it looks like love. It looks like people.

Experiencing the love of my wife, two daughters, and my heavenly Father is success to me. I am a blessed man.