what do you seek – agreement or disagreement?

Crepe myrtleGood Monday morning to you! Our family has been down South for a wedding and to visit family which is one reason for no posts over this last week. It was a great time and a good deal warmer than up here in the Midwest!!

Communication is tricky and difficult at best. I know you are well aware of how difficult it is to truly communicate with others. The more I think about the issue, the more amazed I am that we succeed at all!

There is one aspect of communication that we often don’t think about and that is in seeking agreement vs. disagreement. So often as we discuss issues, especially complex ones, we begin with how we disagree with the one to whom we are speaking. Try something different the next time you are in one of these conversations – try to find the places where you agree and use those points of agreement as a platform for better understanding of one another. As someone has said – “seek to understand before seeking to be understood”. (Covey I think)

Today, seek to find agreement vs. disagreement and see how it changes the tenor of a difficult discussion.