problems with your culture?

Good morning!

Organizational mission and culture are important. Having your team onboard and bought into the mission and culture is a key component to your organization’s success.

However, while we (as leaders) think everyone is on board, we keep running into issues that confound us and go against the grain of who we are as an organization. Why?

One reason I have observed is that because the people immediately surrounding the leader(s) do seem to catch it, but it often does not go beyond that one or two inner rings of the circle of people around the senior leaders.oSOmehow, the message, the mission, the values, the culture does not make it to the people on the front lines or in the key support roles as they are too far removed from the inner circle.

So, if you are a leader, you need to get out of your office and meet with the people actually doing the work. Make it safe for them to talk with you. Communicate your mission, values, and the culture to them in straightforward language. Get to know them.

Get out of your office and go talk to your people. Live your mission and values in front of them. Ask them what is wrong with the culture and then fix those issues.

But begin by simply getting out of your office.