living well or living comfortably

Good morning to you!
sunrise SEP 2014

Have you ever heard that life is short? Sure, we know it is – for everybody else. Somehow we think we are the exception, that somehow we have all the time in the world.

But we don’t.

So that begs the question – how are you living your life? Are you focusing on what is important, what is significant? So many things that we get concerned about are not really that important, that significant.

Are you focused on living comfortably or living well? Is your focus inward or outward? Are the lives of others being made better because of you? Is your community better because of you?

I am not talking about doing grand things, but simply living our lives with awareness and intentionality. Living with purpose so that those you touch in everyday life are better because of you.

Life really is short – make it count. One day at a time – one person at a time.