who benefits from your leadership?

NMC SEP 2014 blue skyCrawford Loritts says in his book Leadership as an Identity that someone pays for your leadership – either you or those you lead.

Let’s look at it a bit differently – for whose benefit are you leading?

Are you leading for your personal benefit? Are you leading to advance your career, impress your bosses, or to improve your resume?

Who should be benefiting from your leadership? How about those you lead? They are the ones who should be benefiting most from your leadership.

Lead for the benefit of those who have been entrusted to your leadership. See them as unique individuals who have been created in the image of God. People who want to do well, but so often have been beaten down by life.

Lead them, grow them, serve hem, show them a better way – give them hope.

Lead not for your own personal gain, but for the benefit of those you lead. You will be surprised by the impact on your own life when you do so.