ever been out of sync?

autumn leaves - lauren OCT 2014Good morning! It’s been awhile since I have posted to my blog and I have missed writing.

Have you ever been “out of sync”? In season where your normal rhythms and routines have been disrupted so that you don’t get done what you want? I have been for the last few weeks – it has been a good, even great, disruption, but it has thrown me out of sync in many ways.

Back in August while visiting family a friend asked me to stop by and talk with him and five weeks later I was in a different state in a new job – talking about a whirlwind! It has been great in that it is an excellent organization filled with top-flight people who are passionate about what they do every day. It is also back in my home state so we get to see family and old friends on a regular basis. All together a great move!

Yet, it was / is disruptive, stressful at times, and has caused me to be out of sync. It has caused me to see even more the value and importance of healthy rhythms in our lives – especially in times of change and stress (yes, there is good stress). For me, I allowed the disruption to interfere with several important rhythms or habits in my life; my time of prayer and reflection on Scripture, proper exercise, reading of good books, writing and interacting with others. I also experienced the negative aspects of ignoring these important rhythms in my life.

What I wished I would have done is to have been more vigilant in maintaining those rhythms or habits in the midst of the transition – no matter how difficult. It would have made the transition even more manageable in terms of stress and not so difficult to “restart” them.

So, learn from my mistake. If you are about to go through some type of transition or time of stress, do not neglect those life giving habits or rhythms that will give you the strength and peace to deal gracefully with the ensuing stress – even good stress.

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving week!