nuggets from “41”

Like many of you that love to read, I received some books for Christmas this year – Unbroken and 41Both are excellent books and are worth your time in my opinion.

Unbroken contains some incredible lessons about how your mindset impacts your reaction to your circumstances.

I found 41 to better than I expected. Of course it is a loving portrayal of father by his son made special by the fact that both held the office of President. In addition to the book being written with a warm and genuine tone, it is also filled with little gems of wisdom.

Following are some that I highlighted in the book:

“. . . grace in victory, good sportsmanship in defeat, and a commitment to ‘do your best’ at all times.”

“. . . the measure of a meaningful life was not money, but character.”

“. . . when you give your word, keep it.”

“. . . courage, loyalty, and service.”

“Do your best. Don’t be arrogant. Never complain.”

“He learned the importance of hiring knowledgeable people and listening to their advice, of delegating responsibility and holding people accountable, and of making tough decisions and accepting the consequences.”

There are more, but these especially caught my eye.

May you have a blessed week!