persevere and change someone’s life

sunlight in Mississippi DEC 2014Perseverance is a defining attribute for those who do make a difference. Time and again in success stories you hear about how the person persevered in the accomplishment of their goals. It seems that most of the time when we hear of perseverance, especially at this time of the year, it is in regard to us accomplishing our goals, achieving our success.

In both the book and movie Unbroken the perseverance Louis Zamperini exhibited is astounding and inspiring. However, there are two other examples of perseverance in the book that caught my attention. First was the perseverance of Louis’s brother Pete. Pete did not give up on Louis and as a result changed the course of his life. Later in life, after her spiritual transformation, Louis’s wife did not give up on Louis and through her perseverance, Louis’s life was changed forever when he became a follower of Christ. The impact of Louis’s life after his transformation was incredible.

Louis’s life was shaped by many people and events, but these two examples stood out to me. Two people who would not give up on someone else when that person seemed beyond hope. Unselfish love.

Who is in your life that you feel like giving up on? Who seems beyond hope? Maybe it is an opportunity to persevere and to change that person’s life. Don’t give up – love wins.