is your presentation software a dangerous distraction?

brick wall stock_photos-JayMatri-jaymantri-18Many of us often make presentations to educate or persuade others. Too often the idea or ideas we are trying to communicate are overshadowed by our incorrect use of the presentation software. When the software takes center stage instead of you or your idea, you have failed at your objective.

One of my favorite bloggers, Michael Hyatt, has some suggestions in his blog “5 RULES FOR MORE EFFECTIVE PRESENTATIONS”. His five rules are:

1. Don’t give your presentation software center stage.

2. Create a logical flow to your presentation.

3. Make your presentation readable.

4. Remember, less is more.

5. Distribute a handout.

Michael expands each point with some good suggestions and references to other presentation helps. If you use presentations in what you do, I would recommend reading his entire post by clicking here.