a beautiful day, an awful day

The following was written by my daughter, Lauren Allen, on Instagram at lallen48 and I think it is worth sharing with you.

“I would be remiss in letting this day pass without acknowledging what this date means to me and more specifically to my country, my home.

Many Americans lost their lives, many Americans willingly gave their lives and all Americans were changed in some way that beautiful day 16 years ago. I remember very distinctly thinking-how can it be so pretty on such an awful day. But yet friends, therein lies the beauty of the Lord and his continuing redemption of humanity…even in what appears a darkness that will never end…there was such a clear blue sky all over the US that day and there was the kindness of countless people in the US and all around the world that offered hope and comfort to us Americans.

There are stories-thousands of stories-that need to be told every year, because in story we remember, in story we forge new pathways and in story we see our shared humanity. Here’s to not forgetting….”

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