invisible people

Who are the invisible people in your organization? Who is it that we take for granted or even think unimportant in our organizations?

The housekeepers, groundskeepers, admin assistants, or others?

We need to change the way we view others in what we call menial jobs. All honest work is honorable and those doing that work are to be honored. The people doing this work are vital to our success as an organization. Think about it – what if your building or office was not clean, what if the HVAC quit working, what if your grounds were unkempt, what if your reports were not put together in a professional manner? Do you think your business would suffer?

Look at them and see them as people that want & need your encouragement – today. They are often the quiet linchpins doing the unglamorous things that hold everything else together.

Let us honor people doing honorable work.