“Digital Disruption: Not Just for Millennials Anymore” by Daniel Burrus

“Being anticipatory can mean many things. In some cases, it’s about identifying opportunities for major disruptions that you yourself can introduce (think Uber, Kickstarter and other ideas that set entire industries on their ear.) But being anticipatory also means being aware of disruption from others that may impact you—and knowing how to prepare accordingly.

To that end, let’s consider the relationship between two important forces: digital disruption and the people in your organization.” Daniel Burrus  | http://bit.ly/2IPfYI9

This is an excellent article from Daniel Burrus. Things are changing and many people are excited about the possibilities.

Are you prepared as a leader for the changes? Are you reacting or are you anticipating and preparing to make the most of the changes that are happening and those that will come?

Hope it is a great day for you!


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