Chattahoochee Driftwood – a podcast for everyday leaders

Photo by Matt Botsford on Unsplash

Soon, the Chattahoochee Driftwood podcast will begin. We are excited about the podcast as it will be designed to serve everyday leaders helping them to be even better. We will often be offering practical tools that you can put into practice that day or the next.

Additionally, we will be interviewing leaders who are in the trenches making a difference everyday in their organizations, the lives of others, and in their communities. We all read about, and see videos on, the “celebrity” leaders. Our focus as I mentioned above are the leaders quietly making a difference in everyday lives of the people they lead.

So why call it “Chattahoochee Driftwood”? Well it is in honor of Angela’s (my wife) father E.G. Shaddix.. E. G. was the managing editor of a small newspaper in East Alabama located on the Chattahoochee River and he wrote a beloved column entitled “Chattahoochee Driftwood”. So, this podcast is entitled in his honor.

Our first episodes will be on topics graciously provided to us by clients we have been serving over the last few years. We figured that what they thought important should be important to us!

Please let us know if the podcast serves you well and feel free to make suggestions to us at