Appreciating Unique Individuals Makes for a Better Team

Photo by Lauren Allen

The best team leaders are distinguished from others when they are able to meet two categories of needs of their team members.

“. . . you make us feel part of something bigger, that you show us how what we are doing together is important and meaningful; and secondly, that you make us feel that you can see us, and connect to us, and care about us, and challenge us, in a way that recognizes who we are as individuals. We ask that you give us this sense of universality – all of us together – and at the same time recognize our own uniqueness; to magnify what what we all share, and to lift up what is special about each of us.”

Buckingham, Marcus and Goodall, Ashley. (2019). Nine Lies About Work. Harvard Business School Publishing. Boston, MA.

I am finding Nine Lies About Work to be a fascinating read and so far I am finding that I agree with most of what I am reading. The above quote resonated deeply with me. Teamwork is important and people respond not to goals but to doing work that is meaningful – people want to be a part of something important. At the same time, each of us is incredibly unique and good leaders know that and celebrate the incredible variety and deeply appreciate each individual on their team and what their uniqueness adds to the team.

Lead your teams with a common purpose that lifts them up and at the same time appreciate each individual that makes up that team. that is what good leaders do.