What matters more than your vision statement?

BGAllen Coaching & Consulting

There is an old adage that goes something like this – “People join organizations but leave managers”. I am not sure of the originator of this statement, but most of us realize just how true it is at work.

People are attracted to your organization by your purpose, your mission, and your vision. They hopefully resonate with your organization’s values.

However, what keeps them there at your organization, happy and productive, are good team leaders, good managers. What really matters is what happens day-to-day in the trenches. A bad manager quickly negates the best of mission and vision statements. A bad manager who undermines or contradicts the stated core values of the organization begets cynicism in those they lead.

It is great to have powerful purposes, meaningful missions, and inspiring visions, but what really matters is how good are your team leaders, your managers?

The day-to-day work life in an organization overshadows any grand organizational mission / vision statements.

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