“Leadership Is A Learnable Skill”

The title of this article is a quote by Simon Sinek. I do believe that leaders are made, that it is a skill that can and should be learned. However, I do realize that sometimes some people are born with certain attributes that help them rise to incredible heights in leadership.

One example of this that I often use is Michael Phelps. In addition to an incredible focus, great sacrifice, and relentless practice, Michael has a unique body structure that is a great aid in his extraordinary swimming ability – attributes he was born with. Now, I enjoy swimming and learned how to do so at the age of four and became a lifeguard at a large lake. I learned how to swim and swim well, however, I will never rise to the level of a Michael Phelps (not even close!) yet, I do know how to swim and to swim well. (SIDE NOTE: I seldom swim now, so I am not nearly as good, with the analogy being that as leaders, if we quit learning, quit practicing, we will become less effective and possibly even irrelevant.)

As some of you know, Simon Sinek is one of my favorite leadership authors / speakers. Following is a quote I particularly like:

“True leadership isn’t reserved for the few who sit at the top. It’s the responsibility of anyone who belongs to a group, and that means all of us. We all need to step up, take the risk and put our interests second—not always—but when it counts.

Whether we’re leading armies, multinational corporations or a fledgling home-based business, the message is the same: We all have the responsibility to become the leaders we wish we had.”

Simon Sinek in his article “Leadership Is A Learnable Skill”

Watch Simon’s video on this at http://bit.ly/2Y4gwSd.

So, start learning and practicing and become even better!