Zero-Sum – a toxic way to approach life

I don’t know about you, but I have come to detest the zero-sum attitude that seems to prevail in our politics and in much of competition between businesses (and even non-profits!). The attitude that for us to do well, someone else has to lose is repellent to me.

Now, I am a competitive person, but I was blessed to have parents and coaches that taught me to compete in a sportsmanlike manner – that you competed by the rules, that you did your best, that you respected, and even admired your opponents, that when you knocked them down, after the whistle, you gave them a hand up.

We can respect others even when we disagree with them. There is such a thing as respectful dialogue – of truly listening and exchanging and debating ideas in a respectful manner. Too many people now equate agreeing with understanding, when in fact, the better we understand someone else’s idea we may actually disagree with them even more. Yet we still listen and engage with others in a respectful manner in order to better understand each other and to learn from one another.