A very nebulous subject

Leadership – such a broad yet nebulous subject. So much is written on the subject and I have contributed to that “fog” of information myself. So, many theories, so many lists, so many routes to so-called “success”and etc.

(By the way – there are some really terrible definitions of success out there and “lots of money” and “popular” are usually not the two primary criteria for people with truly fulfilling lives.)

While trying to apply these lists, methods, and theories, we seem to overlook what is so fundamental – humility (we really don’t know it all and there are people out there much wiser than we are), compassion for others, and simply seeing others as people who are precious and valuable and are not merely “headcount”, a customer or vendor number, or a competitor to be destroyed. Yes there are bad people and bad companies, but they are the exception and not the norm.

It would seem that approaching others with humility and recognizing that they are people with hopes, dreams, fears, and insecurities as valid as our own, might be a good place to start in our “leadership” journey.